Think Like Roundtables 2019

"Think like" Roundtables

The platform economy has many different stakeholder groups, each with its own dynamic set of interests, goals, perspectives, and approaches to platform-mediated work. So what does it mean, concretely, to think like these stakeholder groups?

To learn more about how they position themselves within the platform economy – to see this space of opportunities and challenges through their eyes and to hear what matters most to them – you are invited to participate in a series of ”Think Like” roundtables led by representatives of the following stakeholder groups:


Sacha Michaud, Co-founder, Glovo


To be announced soon

Staffing Agencies

Mari-Jon Keijlewer, Founder, My Flexwork

Labor Organizers

To be announced soon

Platform Workers

James Farrar, Founder/Director, Worker Info Exchange

Policy Makers

Carola Bouton, Senior policy officer, European commission
Irene Mandl, Head of Employment Unit, Eurofound

Social entrepreneurs

Ernesto Spruyt, Founder, TUNGA

Start ups

To be announced soon

Platform cooperatives

Lucie Evers, Co-founder, Partago